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Minor injuries fast track road traffic accident claims

It's bad enough being injured in a road traffic accident through no fault of your own. If your injuries are relatively minor, you really shouldn't have to wait forever for compensation. That's why we have a fast track team for minor injury compensation claims.

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What is our fast track process?

When you've been involved in a road traffic accident and suffered injuries as a result, the claims process differs depending on the type and severity of the injury. There are three processes.

1. The small claims track process

The whiplash reforms which the Government introduced as part of the Civil Liability Act on 31 May 2021 changed the way whiplash claims which were valued at less than £5,000 could be made. We've therefore developed the micase platform process so you can still access legal representation and compensation if you suffer a whiplash claim valued at less than £5,000.

2. The fast-track process

For those who are exempt from the whiplash reforms and where your case is valued at less than £25,000 and seems relatively straightforward, your case will be dealt with under the 'fast track' process in order to speed speed up the compensation process and get you the compensation you deserve as quickly as possible.

3. The specialist injury process

Where a case is valued at over £25,000, that usually indicates that the injuries are rather more complex and so the process make take longer. With injury cases which are more severe, we may need to instruct various medical experts and obtaining a final prognosis, to understand how long your symptoms will last or whether you'll have permanent symptoms as a result of the accident, may take some time.

How long does a fast track injury claim take?

When we believe that an injury claim is reasonably straightforward and meets the fast track criteria, we put those claims into our fast track system.

This uses a secure electronic portal and streamlined case management software to make sure that every piece of 'paperwork' is handled as quickly as possible. From the outside, it's unlikely anyone would know the difference between a fast track injury claim and a specialist injury claim. The only thing you'll notice is the quick and efficient handling of your case.

We don't expect you to know which process your calls falls into, so simply register your claim on micase and we'll do the rest.

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Why are fast track claims processed differently to other claims?

Naturally, we want every injury compensation claim to be settled as quickly as possible. But where a very serious injury has occurred, the need to assess and understand the long-term consequences for the client means that even after a final financial settlement has been agreed, we can remain involved in things like rehabilitation and nursing care for many years. This is why the specialist injury process is different to fast track claims.

The small claims track process has been developed as a result of changes to the law as part of the Civil Liability Act and the whiplash reforms. Given the changes which have been made, these claims have to be processed differently.

Do I qualify for No Win No Fee for my fast track injury claim?

The vast majority of the personal injury cases we put into the fast track system are handled under a No Win No Fee agreement. By entering into a No Win No Fee agreement with you, this means we believe your case has a good chance of success but that even if the case is unsuccessful, you won't have to pay us any fees, so there's no financial risk to you.

Contact our experts today and they'll be able to advise you if you're able to claim.

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