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Inclusion and diversity

At Slater and Gordon, we aim to create an inclusive environment where we can all be ourselves and thrive.

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Gender equality, ethnic diversity, LGBTQ+, accessibility and armed forces

We recognise, support and celebrate the diversity of our people. As an organisation we aim to create an environment where the diverse experiences, perspectives and backgrounds of our people are valued and utilised. We foster an inclusive and supportive culture where our interactions with each other, and with our clients, are founded on mutual respect. Our commitment to diversity and inclusiveness is woven into the fabric of how we operate.

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At Slater and Gordon, we respect and encourage each other. We embrace diversity and foster a culture where everyone can be themselves and thrive.

Recognising, embracing, and valuing our individuality helps us to attract and retain highly engaged employees who are just as diverse as our clients and communities. This in turn brings different ways of looking at the world, new ways of thinking, innovative ways of working together and greater outcomes for our clients.

Ensuring that our diversity data is complete and up-to-date enables us to assess and measure our progress in creating a diverse organisation and culture, which in turn helps us to shape our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy enabling us to focus on any areas where we need to drive change.

We ask our colleagues on a yearly basis to supply their diversity data. The data from colleagues who participated in our most recent diversity census are set out below. We will continue to review and update our diversity data on a regular basis, which will help us to:

  • Make our physical and virtual work environments disability friendly and accessible to all.
  • Recruit from all walks of life, regardless of background.
  • Plan events and initiatives to celebrate our diversity.
  • Support the development of our inclusive culture through appropriate policies, training and career progression.
  • Recognise our diverse workforce and ensuring equal opportunities across the business.
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