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Are you an employee having issues at work? Our expert team of employment law solicitors are here to help. Contact us for legal advice and representation.

Meet our employment law experts

Many of our employment law solicitors are considered leaders in the field with a significant amount of expertise.

Doreen Reeves

Doreen Reeves

Senior Associate Solicitor

Edward Cooper

Solicitor and Head of Organisation and Membership Services (OMS) Employment

Laura Thompson

Laura Thompson

Senior Associate Solicitor

Sadiq Vohra

Sadiq Vohra

Principal Lawyer

One of the UK’s leading specialist law firms.

We are proud to have partnerships with national charities and be recognised in the latest legal directories.

The times best law firms 2023
The legal 500
Lexcel Law Society Accredited
Chambers Top Ranked UK 2023

Our team of employment lawyers boasts a diverse range of backgrounds, coming from various communities, enabling us to provide inclusive and tailored support. For those seeking guidance on discrimination claims, we foster an environment of understanding and empathy.

With a legacy spanning over 90 years, we have steadfastly supported trade unions and their members, with our dedication and commitment having earned us the preferred legal representation status for some of the largest trade unions in the UK, including Unite, USDAW, and NARPO.

What is employment law?

Employment law encompasses all aspects of employment matters, which is why it is an extremely complex and dynamic area of law. It is a set of legal rules, regulations, and statutes that govern the relationship between employers and employees.

It covers a wide range of rights, obligations, and responsibilities for both employers and employees and seeks to create a fair and balanced working environment for everyone. It is also subject to frequent legislation changes, such as the addition of new protected beliefs. which is why seeking advice from expert solicitors is beneficial and highly recommended for understanding and navigating the complexities of employment law, no matter your needs.

Services in employment law

Employment lawyers provide a wide range of services to both employees and employers in helping to address legal issues and ensure laws are met. This area is very broad, meaning it covers a variety of cases, offering a range of services to suit your legal needs.

Here are a few types of cases that our employment experts cover.

  • Constructive and unfair dismissal: This occurs when your employer has treated you so badly that you've no choice but to resign or that you have been dismissed with unfair reasoning.
  • Redundancy: If you are at risk of redundancy or have been made redundant, there are employment laws to ensure you are treated fairly.
  • Discrimination in the workplace: Discrimination can cover age, race, gender, pregnancy, sexual orientation, and disability. If you have faced any workplace discrimination, we can help.
  • Harassment: If you are being bullied or harassed – whether subtly or openly – the law is on your side.
  • Whistleblowing: If you have the moral duty to report any wrongdoings at your workplace, you are protected by employment law.
  • Breach of contract: When an employment contract is broken, it can cause problems to both parties, which is why we are here to offer our expertise.
  • Restrictive covenants: It is not always safe to sign – or break – a contract containing restrictive covenants, so if you are unsure, we can help.
  • Settlement agreements: Whether you are looking at drafting a settlement agreement or facilitating a settlement agreement, we can offer our expert advice.

Sometimes you may only require some employment advice and our specialist lawyers can provide a quick and effective initial assessment on a range of disputes. You can easily book a consultation for £150 for clarity on your situation.

How much does an employment solicitor cost?

With our initial £150 employment consultation, you will receive practical advice on pursing a potential claim against your employer, a clear roadmap of your options and the next steps to take as well as an outline of the costs involved, plus any funding options that may be available.

The cost of each case differs and there are several contributing factors that can affect the cost of a case, including the length of time and whether it needs to go to an employment tribunal.

Simple cases can start from £2,400, with an average case costing anywhere between £3,600-£8,400. Medium complexity cases start from £3,600 with an average case cost of £8,400-£18,000, whilst high complexity cases start from £8,400 with an average cost of £18,000-£36,000.

As employment law is so complex and covers a range of case types, our hourly rates range from £192 to £588 depending on the complexity of your case, the experience of the lawyer and your location.

Funding your employment law or discrimination claim

Though legal action is not always the first option for those who are dealing with workplace difficulties, sometimes it is the only way to obtain justice if all other conciliation has failed. When making an employment claim, we offer a selection of routes to make funding your legal case more affordable.

The payment options we offer for employment cases include fixed fees where possible. This can cover offering you initial advice about the strengths of your case, as well as preparing for and attending an employment tribunal hearing with you. Other payment options include:

  • Paying hourly: You may wish to do some of the work on your case yourself and if so, you can pay for our services hourly. In this case, the fees you will pay depend on the experience of your solicitor and your location.
  • Insurance: It is quite common for home insurance policies to include an element of cover for legal fees relating to employment disputes. If so, before contacting a solicitor, you should double check your policy.

Payment options also differ if coming privately or from a union. If you are a union member, they will make a referral on your behalf to our OMS (Organisations and Member Services) Employment, which handles the corporate needs of unions and staff associations as well as all the employment law needs of their members.

If you are funding your case privately, you should refer your case directly to our employment team who take referrals from individuals, and they will be happy to help you with any employment issues you are facing.

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Employment law solicitors near me

We have a number of offices located across the UK, including Manchester, London, Cardiff.

You can find a full list of our office locations here.

Find out more about Redundancy Law

Our senior associate, Doreen Reeves of our employment law team, explains everything you need to know about redundancy, including how the redundancy process works, common questions about redundancy payments and how to challenge a redundancy.

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Can't recommend highly enough. Everyone we dealt with at the firm was so helpful and our solicitor Doreen Reeves was exceptional - she has forensic legal ability that meant we got a great deal and she was very supportive Client testimonial (for Doreen Reeves)
Client testimonial (for Doreen Reeves)
I have nothing but praise for the two lawyers - Justin Quinton and Laura Thompson that supported me throughout this case. They kept me informed all the way through and took the time to explain things again, if needed. to ensure I understood points. I felt they were definitely working in my interest, I trusted them and felt safe in their hands. Client testimonial (for Laura Thompson)
Client testimonial (for Laura Thompson)

Why choose our employment law solicitors?

Our employment law team understand the complexities of dealing with workplace claims and the need for empathy during what is usually a challenging time. We are well-equipped to support you through every stage of your employment dispute, from initial discussions to potential escalations.

Recognition for our excellence within this field is reflected in the Employment Team of the Year accolades we received at The Lawyers Awards in the past. Our team are proud members of the Employment Lawyers Association, promoting the highest standards of employment law best practices.

The employment law team consists of highly accomplished solicitors with an outstanding track record. Edward Cooper, a prominent legal figure, has consistently received recognition from esteemed publications such as Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners, and acknowledged as a "leading individual." Additionally, the London Super Lawyers Magazine listed him as a 'Top Solicitor in London.' Sadiq Vohra's inclusion in the Legal 500 signifies his exceptional skills in the field of employment law. With his expertise, he offers invaluable contributions and ensures clients receive top-tier legal advice. We are dedicated to promoting equality and inclusivity in the workplace.

Doreen Reeves's membership in the discrimination law association reflects our commitment to ensuring fair treatment and representation for all individuals, regardless of their background or beliefs. She has achieved significant milestones in employment law, setting precedents that have shaped the legal landscape. Her extensive experience as a lead employment lawyer in local government has equipped her to advise on complex matters like TUPE, employment policy, and procedure. The Legal 500 has also recognised Doreen as a rising star 2023, highlighting her expertise.

In 2020, Slater and Gordon brought a landmark discrimination case which concluded with ethical veganism being officially recognised as a philosophical belief protected by the provisions of the Equality Act 2010. This demonstrates our expertise as employment lawyers and how we will do everything we can to ensure your employment rights are protected.

If you have an employment issue, and think you need an employee solicitor, we urge you to contact us. Our empathetic team will help you understand your rights and be by your side for the next steps and throughout your entire claim.

For more information, contact us either online or by calling 0330 041 5869

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Why choose Slater and Gordon?


We are an award winning law firm and have a dedicated team of employment solicitors to advise and guide you – no matter how complex your situation may be.

Affordability and advice

We're able to offer affordable expert legal advice and can provide guidance on all aspects of employment law. Our Initial Consultation provides tailored advice on your situation giving you clear guidance and options regarding next steps.

Tailored advice

We understand that employment situations differ – so we are able to provide tailored advice and guidance to suit your individual needs.

Local access

We are a national law firm, with legal experts available locally across the UK. Meetings can be arranged via telephone or video call, to suit your requirements.

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Frequently asked questions about employment law

Will my employment dispute go to court?

Most of our cases settle early and often well in advance of an employment tribunal hearing or even before a tribunal claim must be submitted. However, in some cases, court proceedings will be required but we will guide you throughout the process.

Should I get a solicitor for an employment tribunal?

You do not need a solicitor for an employment tribunal, but the advice and guidance given by a solicitor is often invaluable, so we strongly recommend contacting one for all matters.

Can I make a claim against my employer?

If you feel you have been unfairly treated in the workplace, then you are entitled to put in a claim against your employer.

How long do you have to make a claim against your employer?

You usually have to make a claim within three months of your employment ending or of the problem at your workplace occurring.

How long does an employment law dispute take to settle?

The length of time an employment dispute takes varies from case to case, so it is impossible to predict an exact time. However, we will do our best to ensure your claim is processed as quick as possible with a favourable outcome.

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