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In an ideal world, separated or divorced parents will reach a family based agreement for child maintenance. When this doesn't happen, our family lawyers are here to help.

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Slater and Gordon's team of family lawyers have the expertise you need when child maintenance payments are an issue. Call us now on 0161 830 9632 or contact us online today and we will call you.

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How does child maintenance work in the UK?

Parents who do not live with their minor children have a legal duty to help support their children while they are growing up. So when two people have a child together - regardless of whether they ever married or lived together – they are both responsible for paying for that child's upbringing.

In many cases, this can be agreed amicably between the parents at the time their relationship ends.

Child maintenance means regular financial support paid from one parent to the resident parent, for all children up to the age of 16, or the age of 20 if they remain in full-time education in order to sit A-levels or equivalent.

That's the basic legal position. Unfortunately, not every parent will agree to support their children. In some cases, our expert family lawyers can help you negotiate and draft a child maintenance agreement.

Case studies

Pensions on divorce

A husband contacted our team to help resolve the financial aspect of his divorce.

Schooling disagreements

A mother contacted our team to help arrange which school her daughter was to attend after the father unreasonably challenged her position.

Taking children out of the country without consent

A father contacted our team after his daughter was taken to Egypt without his consent.

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