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Civil partnerships protect you and your partner financially without the traditional aspects of marriage. If you need advice on registering a civil partnership, our family lawyers are here to help you take the next step. Alternatively, if you're looking to dissolve your civil partnership following the breakdown of a relationship, our team can guide you through the process and secure the best outcome for you.

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We're here to help with your civil partnership

While same-sex couples can now legally marry in England and Wales, they also have the option of entering a civil partnership, which offers legal and financial protections similar to those of marriage. In December 2019, the Government introduced new legislation to allow opposite-sex couples to enter into civil partnerships.

What are the advantages of a civil partnership?

Even though same-sex couples can now marry, not everyone likes the religious or traditional aspects of the marriage institution. Civil partnerships offer many of the same rights and responsibilities but outside the institution of marriage.

If you are buying a property together or having children for example, you should consider civil partnership as a way of protecting you.

A civil partnership can help to protect you both legally and financially and ensure that any children you have together will be looked after in the event of separation or the dissolution of your civil partnership.

To find out more about the rights and responsibilities of civil partnerships, or for any other legal advice, simply call 0330 041 5869 or contact us online today and we will call you and discuss your next steps without obligation.

How can I dissolve a civil partnership?

The process of dissolving a civil partnership is the same as a divorce, with the only difference being the terminology. Our civil partnership lawyers will listen to your needs and guide you through the process to achieve the best outcome for you, no matter how complex.

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If you need advice about dissolving a civil partnership, call us now on 0330 041 5869 or contact us online here and a member of the team will call you back.

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